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Vegetarian Specialties

Vegetarian Specialties


Shai Paneer€ 8.00

Fresh cheese cubes cooked in tomato sauce and cream.

Kofta Malai€ 8.00

Fresh cheese balls cooked in vegetable and cashew nut sauce.

Gobhi Aloo€ 8.00

East Indian-style cauliflower and potatoes.

Punjabi Tori€ 8.00
Zucchini with oriental spices and herbs typical dish from northern India.
Chana Masala€ 8.00
Chickpeas cooked in tomato sauce, herbs and spices.
Jira Allo€ 8.00

Potatoes cooked with cumin seeds, North Indian dish.

Mixed Vegetables€ 8.00

Mixed vegetable combination curry.

Dal Fry€ 8.00

Indian lentils cooked with tomato and spices.

Palak Mushroom€ 8.00

Spinach with mushrooms.

Beingan Bhartha€ 8.00

Indiana-style eggplant in the earthen oven and seasoned with spices.

Palak panner€ 8.00

Spinach with curried cheese cubes.

Mattar Paneer€ 8.00

Peas with curried cheese cubes.

Bombay Aloo€ 8.00

Potatoes in medium-spicy tomato sauce.

Saag Aloo€ 8.00

Spinach and potato curry.

Mushroom Bhaji€ 8.00

Mushrooms and onions, with fresh tomato and curry.

Mushroom Masala€ 8.00

Mushrooms with spice sauce.

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